Berlin 2014: The corner of Charlottenstrasse and Mohrenstrasse. A previous view of this corner, from 1986, can be found here.

The sign above the door says the business there has been in existence since 1863. Not without a considerable interruption, obviously.

Berlin July 2014: The Berliner Dom viewed from Werderscher Markt. The pipes are used to pump water away from building excavations. They are painted these colours to be more ‘restful’, says the manager of the company that makes the paint.

Berlin 18th July 2014: The Martin-Gropius-Bau portico catches the evening sun. The broken statues that still grace the steps are a reminder of the drama of this place.

Potsdam today: the Potsdam Schloss, rebuilt from the ground up, looks great. High hopes for the Berlin Schloss which is being rebuilt at the moment.


West Berlin 1988: The Wall provided a ‘Bohemian’ back-street which stretched right across the city.

Update: I visited this place today, and I was told that the guy at the top of the picture is Peter Unsicker, who is still at the wall-streetgallery. They have a website under that name.


Berlin today. At the Mauerpark. It’s TOO hot! So I’m in a café drinking cola.

Berlin 2014: Tauentzienstrasse.

To those afraid for my health in this sun, don’t worry, I’ve got suncream and a hat.

England 10/7/14: Another shot from my day in Stratford. Just checking the extremes of what is possible on digital, tonally.

ENGLAND 10/7/14: Stratford-upon-Avon. Taken today on my Sony NEX7 digital camera, which I have dusted off and checked over ready for the Berlin Trip.

Berlin 2005: The Spreepromenade, from Friedrichsbrücke, with the Palast Der Republik Spreefront seen along the river on the right.

Coming to Berlin… Finally things have worked out, and I will be back in Berlin on the 17th July for a while. Any of my followers there want to see me, let me know.

Berlin 2005: The ‘Volkspalast’, the former parliament building of the Communist regime, in the last stages of its existence.