Durgerdam 1993: This old fishing village is now part of Amsterdam, but still looks the part. Well-off folks live in the little houses now, and there is a marina for small boats and yachts just around the headland seen here.

Amsterdam 1993: The bridge called Koningssluis over the Heerengracht. The smart side of town with some fancy shops.

Amsterdam 1974: A pic of the same place as the previous post, taken on my first photographic trip abroad. Where the Muziektheater now stands was once the Jewish quarter, a tragic place during the war.

Amsterdam 1993: The Muziektheater. Opened in 1986 as the home of the National Opera and Ballet companies. It was built as part of a complex which also housed the Stadhuis, the official building where I used to have to go and register my alien presence in Amsterdam while I lived there.

Amsterdam 1990s: The replica ship V.O.C. Amsterdam on the Ij river. She is normally berthed at the Maritime museum, but makes trips out occasionally.

That’s all for now from my Berlin trip in July this year. There’s plenty more to go back to sometime. I now want to get some material on the blog from other places I have spent time, first of all The Netherlands, where I lived and worked for 6 years.

Berlin Mauerstrasse 2014: A strange sculpture, “House Ball” by Claes Oldenburg and Coesje van Bruggens, refers to historical refugees to Berlin, and represents a bundle of household goods as they may have brought with them. The place where it is was once part of the DDR control zone for the border crossing at Checkpoint Charlie.

Unter Den Linden Berlin 2014: The Zeughaus in the midst of the works for the U-Bahn extension. Museum Island will eventually get its own U-Bahn station.

East Berlin 2014: Pink pipes at the corner of the Bauakademie building mock-up, Sckinkelplatz.

Berlin Bernauer Strasse July 2014: Here there’s a different poster for the tattoo convention in Berlin, from the ones I saw under the bridge at Savignyplatz. The ‘skull-cherries’ design is OK.

Berlin Mauerpark 2014: Another picture from the roll of film I exposed in Berlin this year. American students listening to a band in the park.

Berlin Alexanderplatz July 2014: An analogue photograph taken on a cheap single-use camera bought from the DM drugstore, a branch of which is on the right of this picture. The quality is poor but this is still the cheapest way to make images if you have nothing else.